It is wise to know the value of what you purchase before you purchase it. When you eat at a restaurant, prices are listed on a menu and you can read reviews online to gauge the quality of service. At a shopping mall, clothing is labelled with a price tag. You can feel the material and try an item on before you purchase it. When you are looking to buy a car it is easy to find (via the internet) what a particular car is worth and certain brands are well known for higher quality and/or reliability. You know what you are purchasing and you know the value of that item before you purchase it. The only industry where this is not true is healthcare and the insurance regulations that go along with it.

Healthcare should be transparent. It is your health, after all. If you are not healthy, you cannot experience life the way you deserve. Health issues restrict your ability to do the things you enjoy, interact with whom you love, and perform those tedious – but necessary – daily tasks. Your health is incredibly important and you should be able to have a clear understanding of what you are getting when you pursue healthcare. The lack of upfront honesty in the healthcare industry is one of the main reasons we have chosen to not work with insurance companies. We want you to know the value and cost of what you are investing in when you purchase our services. 

Since we do not take insurance, we are not held hostage by insurance companies’ restrictive reimbursement policies. This freedom allows us to address and treat the root causes of problems, pains, and difficulties! Another benefit of not working with insurance companies is that it allows us greater flexibility during your appointment.  Let’s say we have been working on your shoulder pain for a few weeks. The day before your next appointment, you pull something in your back. We can pause your ongoing shoulder treatment to treat your back for the entirety of the next session if need be. We provide you with treatment that is focused on you.

We are able to treat you how you deserve to be treated. Whether your goal is to play with your grandkids on the floor, get your first pull-up, or run a 5K without pain, we are fully committed to you. Our services do not end simply because a complete stranger with no healthcare education has determined your treatment is no longer “medically necessary.”

We care about you as a whole person. How you are sleeping, what you are eating, how much exercise you are getting, your coping mechanisms for stress, and what your social support system looks like all play a vital role in recovering from pain. We have the freedom as an out-of-network provider to address any of these topics as they are relevant to your condition. To summarize, we are able to put your needs first because we only answer to YOU!

Healthcare is the only product in the United States where you purchase it without knowing what your cost will be. This lack of transparency is not in your best interest as a consumer. Our goal at Resilience RX is to be transparent, straightforward, and honest. We believe it is essential to provide high-value care with no strings attached. Because of that, you will find that we list our prices on our website.

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