5 Common Deadlift Mistakes

  • Learn what correct deadlift technique is
  • Compare your technique to the ideal technique
  • Make corrections to your deadlift technique as needed to prevent injury and improve performance!
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deadlift 5 common mistakes
Deadlift Technique
Deadlift Dumbbells
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“I went to see Sarah for lower back pain in November of 2019. In 2 months, I went from pain while I was walking and doing daily life activities, to being able to keep up with my kids, housework, and treadmill running with minimal pain.”

Justine H.

I went to see Sarah for lower back pain that just wouldn’t go away. I was to the point of not being able to tie my own shoes. After 4 sessions I was pretty much back to normal. She was very thorough and gave plenty of exercises and stretches to help me recover. I am now back doing CrossFit and feeling great. Would highly recommend seeing Sarah if you have any issues!”

Chris L.

Sarah works with you one on one the whole time. Listens to your concerns, follows up between sessions to make sure you are understanding the exercises and doing them correctly. She is my first call if I need PT and or dry needling again.”

Amanda R.

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