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Resilience RX offers a spectrum of services ranging from pain relief to performance programming. We help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Pain Relief -> Wellness -> Performance

pain relief for the low back

Pain Relief

Physical Therapy

We work together to navigate the journey of pain relief. Your Doctor of Physical Therapy will give you a clear path to from where you are to where you want to be, allowing you to feel certain you are in good hands. 

Pain relief for the shoulder


Personal Training

Designed for those not in pain but want the expertise of a Doctor of Physical Therapy designing their workouts to keep them injury-free or maintain pain relief they achieved in physical therapy.

Deadlift with Hands On Assistance


Exercise Programming

Personalized plans crafted for the goal-oriented individual or someone who wants structure to their workout routine. Examples include – regular workouts, 10K running plan, 1RM deadlift plan.

Pain relief with needling
Exercise Cueing
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Physical Therapy

I am 61 years old and fractured my right tibia plateau in September 2019. Just when I was up and walking, I fell and fractured my wrist and had a concussion. After three months, I feel active and stronger. I walk 12,000 steps per day without any pain!!!!

Julie B.


Resilience RX helped me get back into a healthy lifestyle again after I had been stumped for a while. I did exercises I didn’t even know I was capable of, lifting over 200 lbs within 4 appointments. My experience was overall great and I highly recommend it..

Josh S.


The shoulder stability program is extremely easy to follow and for the outcome it’s so worth it.  The movements are simple, not time consuming, and are beneficial for helping gain shoulder mobility and also strength.”

Jennie B.

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