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Workout Programming

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What is performance programming?
An individualized, effective, and comprehensive game plan to help you get where you want to be.

Who is this ideal for?
Anyone who wants a customized workout plan or who has a specific goal in mind they want to accomplish. Examples include but are not limited to: running your first race, improving mobility deficits, improving an aspect of performance, or getting a new PR or 1 RM.

What’s included?
An initial consultation that includes discussion of your goal, what fits best into your lifestyle to help you get there, if there is a deadline for your goal, and where you currently are at in relation to your goal. We also provide ongoing communication with us about any problems, difficulties, or questions that may arise as you work towards your goal.

What can I expect?
You can expect a coach who is willing to work alongside you, cheer you on, and celebrate your success.

Are there other options for workout programming?
Yes. We also offer programming plans at a lower price. These are standardized pre-written plans with a specific defined goal. We currently have two of these plans available for purchase – Optimizing Shoulder Mobility and Building Shoulder Stability. If you are not sure if a pre-written plan or individualized workout programming is a better choice for you, just contact us.

What is the cost?
Cost varies depending on the program and starts at $100.

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